3 Exercise Habits to Avoid

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health, helping weight loss and improving body functions. But doing it excessively or the wrong way may just as easily cause body damage, as it heals or repairs health.

The following are three exercise habits to avoid in order to improve health and prevent body damage.

1. Long workouts

The secret in exercise’s effect on the body does not lie in how much or how long you work out for, but in how effective and the quality it has on your body. This might be shocking to you but that is the reality. There are some exercises that require you doing them for a relatively long time in a session, but after you have reached that time, they do not add any more benefits. Health and fitness sites will usually put down the amount of time you are supposed to do a particular exercise. Stick to that time schedule, because exceeding it will not add many more benefits.

2. Non diversity

When you have only a few workout postures in your exercise regime for a very long period of time, it ceases to bring any additional benefits. You see, your body is an incredible machine that knows how to adopt very quickly indeed, to very many new conditions or environments it finds itself under, including exercise. Once it has gotten used to them, it ceases to benefit from them, but will need a new or higher level of exercise to cause a change. It is just like when your body gets addicted to a drug like cocaine, it will need a higher dose every time to produce the same effects. So do not stick to one or two, or a few exercises for a long time. Add or subtract from your workout to keep the effects going.

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3. 6-pack abs exercises

The traditional exercises done to get 6-pack abs like crunches and sit-ups, are a complete sham. They do not give you 6-packs, neither do any exercises that focus on your abs. The way to get 6-packs is by doing exercises or activities that burn your belly fat. Even those that go on diet without exercising, may develop 6-packs if their belly fat is burnt off.

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