6 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain in Winter

The weather is more on the chilly side these days and we consume a lot of hot beverages, hot chocolate lattes and warm comforting chocolate cake o keep warm but that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim of adding extra pounds this winter. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t gather unwanted pounds this season.

1. Drink hot beverages after meals

Immediately after meals follow your meals with green tea or coffee. It turns out that having hot liquids after meals have been proven to prevent fat from congealing in your stomach, thereby making it easier to burn calories.

2. Give priority to protein

Protein fires up your metabolism and also helps to build muscle. Protein gives you that satisfied and keeps you feeling filled for a long period of time while eating out, thin of eating more protein packed meals.

3. Do your workouts in the morning

With all those chilly lazy days, winter pounds might creep up and hit you quicker than you would expect. Working out early in the morning will be sure to burn calories, get your heart rate up and raise your metabolism drastically. Elevating your metabolism rate is the key to burning fat.

4. Make sure you do something on those cold mornings when you skip gym

A lot of people lose motivation when it comes to working out when it is cold. It is only normal, but this doesn’t mean you should stay glued to the couch till the heat returns. Just make sure you are in active in all you do and just keep moving. You will even find it to be fun and also a way to keep warm.

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5. Take a lot of mints

Always make sure you always have mints in your pockets at all times. People have been biased to believe that mints only come in handy in keeping your breath fresh but having something minty in your mouth after a meal will help you resist the urge to go for a second helping.

6. Keep nothing off limits

The secret to this is knowing that you should just stop at one. When you put food off limits, you just build unnecessary temptation for yourself and you end up eating the food.

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