3 Foods I Prep Each Week to Make Sure I Eat as Healthy as Possible

3 Foods I Prep Each Week to Make Sure I Eat as Healthy as PossibleYou are about to catch a glimpse into my dietary life. I will explain on three of the major foods I eat every week that have radically changed my health. Read on to know why they are so good.

1. Quinoa

This food is very easy to prepare. In a pot placed over gas of high temperature, add two cups of quinoa with four cups of water, and allow it to boil. Next bring it down to a simmer, and for ten minutes, allow the quinoa to settle or till the time that a small tail appears to rise out of it. Turn off the gas and give it time to cool, when you will then transfer it to another container to be placed in your fridge for whenever you want to use it. You can use it as breakfast with chopped walnuts and almond milk, or as topping for lunch when eating kale salad. You can go a step further to use it as dinner, heating it with frozen vegetables and vegetable broth.

2. Iced Green tea

Iced green tea is especially adequate in the hot summer days, where you would opt for this instead of cold, unhealthy beverages and soft drinks.

Green tea is full of wonderful chemicals like catechins antioxidants that help protect your body from inflammations caused by oxidative damage from free radicals, which would otherwise lead to cardiovascular diseases, strokes, diabetes, and even cancer. The fact that these antioxidants also protect your skin, makes it perfect for summer when the sun is hot and tormenting your flesh.

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Prepare the tea and just place it in a pitcher in the fridge, and remove when you are ready to drink. Adding a lemon and mint boosts the antioxidant count of the drink exponentially, and hence its health effects.

3. Overnight oats

Oats are a great weight loss food. They are filled with fiber which helps slow the absorption of cholesterol from your gut to your blood, by binding to the cholesterol molecules, and they also linger in your belly, making you feel full for longer so you do not overeat.

Proteins can also be found in abundance in oats. The complexity of their molecules ensures that it will take a lot of energy to digest, so they use up more calories than they impact, and they also linger in the belly, like fiber, making you remain full for longer.

The best time to eat this food is in the morning for breakfast, but because most people are busy and in a hurry when they wake up, it is advised that you make it overnight and leave it in the fridge.

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