5 Drinks to Improve Memory

Many desire to be like Sherlock Holmes, having the ability to remember everything they hear and see. Unfortunately, this type of tale belong to fairy tales. But you can certainly come close. By doing certain things, you can actually improve your memory overtime, making it very good indeed. One thing you can do is to drink certain things and unlike most other methods, drinking is quite fun, easy and quick to do.

Drink the following five drinks regularly to boost your memory skills.

1. Blueberry juice

Blueberry juice is packed full with antioxidants that prevent body cells including brain cells, from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, that are the product of chemical reactions in the body. This oxidative damage reduces the function of brain cells, including cells responsible for handling memory, reducing your ability to remember things and causing short term to long term memory loss.

2. Water

Try to drink water all the time because your brain which is made up of 73% water, just needs a 2% reduction of that water lead to malfunction, reducing memory ability and other cognitive abilities. A two percent reduction in brain water content is not hard to do, as your body can lose up to ten percent of your total body fluids, in a single session of intense physical activity. Dehydration causes your brain to shrink and not perform as well as before, including in memory skills.

3. Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which is a known neural stimulant, that temporarily boosts brain activity and function, including the ability to remember. But this drink should be taken in moderate amounts, because excessive amounts cause many side effects like anxiety and shaking.

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4. Beet juice

Beets and their juice is a powerhouse of nutrients, that among others, boost brain function and memory skills. They also contain high levels of nitric oxide, that improves blood flow to the brain, boosting its functions.

5. Cocoa

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage to brain cells and also helps to prevent the clogging of blood vessels, which can cause high blood pressure and lead to dementia. To get the full blast of the nutrients from cocoa, drink it pure with just water and no sugar and milk added. This may be difficult at first, but then you will grow to get used to it and appreciate the feel.

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