The Cardio Abs Workout


Cardio workouts specifically help to pump more oxygen into the blood, thereby improving blood circulation in the body. They help to strengthen the myocardium and keep the lungs healthy for proper function. They also help to shed excess pounds. Below are some of the cardio exercises you can engage in.

1. Side plank with knee lift

From a side plank position, keep your feet together, abs contracted and shoulders over your hands. Then, bend your top knee and raise it up toward your top hand. Lower down back to the original position and repeat the process for as many times, then switch to the other side.

2. Squat thrusts

From a plank position, jump both feet toward your hands, with your knees tucked into your chest. Jump up and return to a squat position. Keep your feet together between your hands on the floor and jump back out, but this time you will land in a plank position. Ensure you are fast with it. Repeat the process.

3. Switch kicks

Stand upright, with your arms bent and hands by your chin. Keeping your right knee bent and your abs contracted, kick out your right leg in front of you and switch to kick the left leg immediately. Alternate both legs as fast as you can.

4. Jumping jacks

Stand with your feet together and arms by your sides, then jump your feet out as you raise your arms overhead. Jump back immediately, with your feet back together and arms by your sides. Repeat.

5. High knees

Stand with your feet together and jog in place, with your knees raised to hip level. Then alternate sides quickly for about a minute.

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6. Power knee strikes

Stand on your left leg, with the right extended out to the side and your toe lightly tagged on the floor. With your two arms overhead, brace your abs tightly and bend your right knee up. Bring the right knee across your torso toward the left shoulder, with both hands tapping the top of the right thigh. Return immediately to the starting position and repeat the process. Then, alternate sides.

In addition to these exercises, maintain a healthy diet lifestyle. Eat lean proteins to build your muscles.

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