3 Best Cross Fit Exercises for Women to Build Lean Muscles

Cross fit exercise has a number of great health benefits for women, which include increase in cardiovascular capacity and improved strength and muscular endurance. Apart from just improving your physical appearance, it also gives women mental fortitude as well as confidence. Therefore, cross fit exercises have great benefits for women.

Here are some of the best cross fit exercise for women.

1. Speed skaters

This exercise helps to pump the heart while targeting your lower body and challenging your agility.

You may wonder how this may be done.

First of all, stand on your legs with your knees slightly bent. Then jump to the right, making sure that you land on your right leg and try bending your knee.

Try touching the ground with your left hand and then extend your left leg back and to the right.

Then jump back to the left, continuing to leap from side to side. Do this on both sides.

2. Bent-over rows

Many women leave out pulling exercises from their exercise routines, instead, focusing on the more common pushing exercises. But it is very important to incorporate pulling exercises to your exercise regimen for a well balanced body.

You can do this with by placing your feet under your hips and make sure that your knees are slightly bent. Then, hinge at the hips and grab a barbell in front of you. With a flat back, row the barbell underneath your chest, then contract your shoulder blades together. When the barbell touches your ribs, lower down the control and the repeat it four times on both sides.

You can also use resistance band to do this workout.

3. Push ups

Push ups are the most common exercise, which is because they are very effective and it strengthens the entire body.

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Place your hands under your shoulders with your legs extended behind you, so that you would be in a strong plank position.

Try squeezing your glutes and engage your core as you slowly lower your chest to the ground, then squeeze your elbows in towards your sides.

As soon as your chest touches the ground, push away from the ground, raising your body each up to a plank.

Do this eight times for both sides.

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