3 Ways to Keep Your Weight Loss Motivation

3 Ways to Keep Your Weight Loss MotivationWeight loss is a long process that can get you really tiring and frustrated in the long run. To keep on moving and attain your goal, you need to stay motivated. Motivation is one great way a lot of people eventually meet their goals, because you will be tempted so many times to throw in the towel. In a busy world as this, it is so easy to make excuses for not keeping to those weight loss rules and many other random excuses. We all don’t have the time, that’s why weight loss can be more of sacrifices.

Ever wondered how those who got to their goals did it? They simply had motivation. Here are some ways to help you keep your weight loss motivation.

1. Look in the mirror

A study found out that staring at your body in the mirror and stifling usual criticisms can help improve body image. Always look at yourself regularly in the morning, and see how awesome you look, how great and more captivating you’ll be when you eventually reach your weight loss goal. Say positive things to yourself, about your body and try as much as you can not to use negative words that won’t be cool with you. Always saty focused on the bigger picyure!

2. Make a promise

Making a promise that will help you to hold on still even when you want to back out. While making a promise to just yourself might be easy to break, it will be much better if it were to others, as you are likely to be more committed. Dr Daniel Hammer of Peak Energy suggests this “Join an athletic event to raise money, so, if you default on training, you’re not just letting yourself down but also the charity and everyone who sponsored you”.

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3. Get a cheer squad

Choose those that you want around you and who you want to stay with because you’ll be doing yourself a whole lot of good by having people around you who will do what they can to encourage you at all times. Those you can call when you feel you can’t move on any longer, and you’ll be motivated never to give up. Do away with those who will rather mock your body and make you feel bad about yourself; kick them out of your life.

Stay motivated and achieve your goal.

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