3 Ways to Relief Neck Pain

Neck pain is caused by poor sleeping posture, which is caused as a result of twist or too much stress placed on the neck. When you sleep on the wrong side your neck tends to twist, which may affect the outcome of your day.

Ways to reduce neck pain are given below.

1. Try pressing your forehead into your palms

A lot of individuals tense up their neck muscles when they go through server stress, which can lead to pain and stiffness over time. This can be reduced by engaging in simple exercise. The best part of this exercise is that people would not know you are exercising they would think you are touch your head.

This can be done by leaning forward and placing your elbow on the table or desk. With your head centered over your shoulders, press your forehead into your palms, using your palms to resist the pressure of your head. Stay on this position for 3-5 seconds, then release and try doing it again and again, this can be done five times consecutively. This helps you to release the pressure and stiffness on your neck.

2. Push yourself up twice a day

This is also another exercise to relief you of neck pain. This can be done by placing your palms on the edge of your chair and then press down your hands, lifting your hips and butt an inch or two into the air. Try staying like this for five seconds, lower and try repeating this five times for a great shoulder muscle strengthen. These reliefs’ pain fast and quick from your neck.

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3. Engage in turtle exercise when driving or using system

Most often, when driving or sitting in front of a computer screen, a lot of people tend to jut out their head forward and stretching the nose out as if it has to get to a destination. Hence the head weighs 10 pounds this put quite a bit stress on the back of the neck.

Before you know, you will derive a sever headache. This can be reduced by sitting up straight and having a right posture when driving or sitting in front of your computer. As you drive, pretend you are a turtle retracting your head into your shell. Keeping your chin level, bring your head back, flattering the curve in the back of your neck. Try this for five seconds and do this 10 times. This would helps you to relief your neck pain.

3 Ways You can Relief Neck Pain

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