Do These 5 Stretches When You Wake-up From Sleep

The stretches I am about to share with you have been tested and proven to be highly beneficial for a healthy living when performed after waking up from bed.

1. Upward stretch

Performing this exercise will greatly strengthen the core of your arms and also help in straightening your back. Start by sitting up straight and with your feet folded inwards, in front of you, let your right leg overlap your left leg.

Then raise your hands up above your head, while your palms are facing together. At this point, extend your spine till you can feel the effect on your arms and rib cage. Hold this position for 60 seconds, keep elongating your spine as the time counts down.

2. Side-side stretch

This stretch is similar to the former, but this one creates an additional effect on the side portion of your spine. You can do this while sitting your bed with your legs crossed, intertwine your fingers and fully extend your both of your arms towards the ceiling, then gently bend your upper body to the right, hold for a while, return to starting position and then bend to the right. Repeat the stretch for 7-10 times.

3. Forward crawl and side sway

Similar to all the other stretches, remain seated on your bed and ensure that both your legs remain crossed and your butt is well fixed on the bed. Then extend your hands forward on the bed, as you bend your upper body towards the floor.

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Then slant towards the right hand side, hold for 60 seconds, return to the center and then slant to the left, also hold for 60 seconds and keep repeating the stretch for 7-9 times.

4. Leg extensions

Start by lying down flat on your back on a flat surface with your hands and arms on the by your sides on the floor, then bend your left knee and lift up your right leg upwards to an almost 90 degree angle from your abdomen, then slowly descend and repeat the same thing with your right leg.

It is worthy to note that throughout the stretch you try as much as you can not to unnecessarily strain your arms while they are on the floor as you lift your legs and also ensure that you release the tension on your spine.

5. Arm sweep

Lie down flat on the floor, with your legs together and fully extended, then fasten your hands together and extend then upwards above your head. Then as you exhale bring them downwards towards the center of your body, hold for 10 seconds and repeat to starting position repeat the stretch 7-10 times.

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