4 Exercises to Do Before Bed

I have just the perfect but less intense combination of exercises you can perform at night that will make you enjoy your sleep like never before. However, it is recommended to perform these exercises before having dinner so as not to trigger a stomach upset.

1. Reclining pigeon


You can choose to do this on the floor or even in the comfort of your bed. Start by lying down flat on your back, raise your legs upwards and bend your knees, let your knees face ceiling then bring one leg over the other and hold the opposite hamstring, hold it for a 5 seconds and then switch to the other leg, repeating the same thing.

2. Hand swings

Stand on a flat surface with your feet almost width-apart, then stretch out your hands to your sides and slowly rotate them forward for about 60 seconds. Then rest for 5 seconds and repeat the same thing – only this time, instead of rotating your hands forward, you will be rotating them backwards. And while rotating your hands, be sure to give particular attention to the positioning your shoulder and keep your back straightened throughout the course of the exercise.

3. Push-ups

It is also recommended to engage in some body weight exercises before going to bed. The beauty of body weight exercises is that they can practically be performed anywhere and at any time without necessarily leaving your house, so engaging in push-ups will go a long way in strengthening your arm muscles before bed. This is a fact that has also been attested to by Jeff Anderson author of Combat the Fat.

To perform the push-ups, commence by getting into a high plank position, while your hands remain on the floor and your shoulders underneath them. Once this position has been attained, lower your upper body towards the floor as you bend your hands at your elbows and keep your back straightened, then push back up by straightening your hands.

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4. Crunches

You can also try performing the crunch exercise before going to bed, that can help to strengthen the core of your abs before you sleep-off. Jeff also opined in his book that routinely performing crunches before bed time can greatly contribute to reducing abdominal fat.

To perform this while lying on your back, bend your knees but let your feet remain flat on the floor and your hips, at least a width-apart. Then put your hands behind your head as your thumbs are at the back of your ears and gradually pull your abdominal inward as you lift your head and shoulders off the floor as you curl upwards.

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