4 Interesting Things You Should Know About your Heart


The heart is the powerhouse of the body. This is what we seem to forget so many times, when we fail to devote adequate effort to the care of our hearts. The heart is that organ that keeps you alive, and beats for about 100,000 times in a day and pumps nothing less than 2,500 gallons of blood within a day. The moment the heart stops beating, the individual will cease to live. There are many things you are yet to know about your heart, and interestingly, they may surprise you. Below are some of them

1. Your heart is a finely tuned machine

Yes, your heart is machine, and its work is to make blood circulate effectively. It pushes the blood out into the body, and circulates it back through the lungs to get re-oxygenated. Also, there are electrical pulses that controls the heartbeats; they run through the heart’s muscles and passes information on when to contract and push the blood to circulate. This is clearly a machine, only that you cannot see it while it works. You should see your heart as a machine that works consistently to keep you alive.

2. Certain foods can improve your heart health

This may not sound real to you, but it is. Your heart needs to be fueled up in order to work tirelessly at all times. Some power foods can work this wonder. Try out salmon, nuts, spinach, broccoli, and many other nutritious, rich foods. These foods work in one way or the other to keep the heart hale.

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3. A healthy heart beats between 60 and 100 times per minute

Knowing how a healthy heart beats will help you to know if your heart is healthy or not, and this is something you can calculate for yourself. Place your fingers on the alternate wrist veins and keep watching the second hand of a clock, to know how many times you feel a pulse in one minute. If it doesn’t fall between 60 and 100 minutes, it is not healthy and you need to take immediate effect. Note that for serious athletes this number may fall a little lower (within the 40-60 beats per minute range), and this is perfectly normal.

4. Drinking coffee may help your heart

Coffee actually helps the heart, in the sense that it may help the small blood vessels to work better, and relieve the pressure on the heart.

The hart isn’t an organ that should be taken lightly, as it controls several aspects of your life. You can engage in at least a 30-minute daily exercise regime in order to keep your heart really healthy and lower your risk of heart failure.


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