4 Natural Ways to Reduce Swollen Legs

Legs can get swollen due to different reasons. It can be as a result of injury which can cause inflammation in the affected area. It can also be a sign of kidney or heart issues which can lead to excess fluid in the body. A swollen leg can lead to limited options when it comes to wearing certain shoes or outfits. Therefore, when you determine the cause, seek adequate treatment to prevent further swelling.

Below are natural ways to reduce swelling in legs:

1. Reduce salt intake

Taking too much of sodium may cause adequate fluid retention which would swell certain parts of the body. If you begin to feel that it is as a result of an unhealthy diet, try to minimize your intake of salt and increase your consumption of water. This would help to cleanse the kidney of excess sodium. Therefore, be mindful of excessive salt intake in your body as this can lead to the swelling of the legs.

2. Exercise

Exercising your leg(s) will help to pump fluids back to the heart. To increase circulation safely and effectively through exercise, it is advisable to do ankle pumps where you repeatedly flex and point your feet and toes. This would help you to ease the swelling on your legs.

3. Support stockings

Most drug stores sell support or compression stockings that fit around the legs and knees to compress the surrounding tissues while promoting circulation lymph fluid and blood throughout the legs. Support stockings come in different forms and colors so you will have a variety to choose from. This will help to reduce swelling on the legs as a result of the support.

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4. Try leg elevation

By keeping your legs above the heart, gravity will keep fluids from draining and collecting in the lower region of the body. Because your leg muscles may be weaker due to the injury, they will have a harder time pumping blood back to the heart. Try elevating your feet on some pillows at least three to four times a day as this would prevent additional swelling. As a result, your muscles will be strengthened and this will reduce the swelling of your leg.

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