4 Reasons Why Your Thighs Are Still the Same

You want to reduce your thighs and tone them but you are not getting the favorable results, despite the number of leg extensions and squats you have done or the exercises that are supposed to work on your thighs. What is going on? Could it be due to genes? Could be, as a significant portion of women in the world have genes that code for huge thighs. But even if it’s true, it is still not an acceptable excuse.

Following are the four reasons why your thighs may not be responding the way you expect them to.

1. Not working out the muscles of your other leg

This is one of the most common mistakes people make who work out for better thighs but don’t achieve the expected results. Your thighs are mostly made up of your quadriceps that get worked up in many of the standard thigh workouts, but they also contain your hamstrings and glutes that lead into them.

So if you are only working on one group of muscles and ignoring the rest, it is obvious that you will not get the results you want. Furthermore, they will need to be worked equally to prevent knee injuries.

2. Skipping cardio workouts

Cardio exercises like running, walking, biking, and many more, work the muscles of your legs, including those present in the thighs. This enables them to grow stronger while they burn fat to reduce themselves and get toned.

3. Not using weights

The best group of exercises to build and tone muscles are exercises of the strength training regime. These shatter the muscle fibres to build them up again.

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Adding weights to your workouts, especially workouts that are supposed to work your thighs (like lunges and squats) turns them into even more challenging strength training routines that increase resistance to the muscles, enabling them to build better.

4. You are not patient

A common reason why people vex when they see their thighs not responding to the exercises they are doing is that they are not patient. From the very first workout session, people have unrealistic expectations to see results within weeks or even days. But it does not work like that. The average time that you can expect to see the expected results is from six weeks on.

If you are living a healthy life and doing the right workouts, then just be patient to see your thighs respond.

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