6 Advantages of a Healthy Brain

The brain is the third largest organ in the body after the skin and the liver. It is essentially the organ that makes you you.

It is the organ where your personality, emotions, experiences, and memories are located. But yet, it is one of the least thought about organs of the body, despite the fact that even a slight reduction of the resources supplied to it can cause a significant change in bodily functions.

Here are six advantages to having a healthy brain.

1. Better cognitive functioning

Your brain is the site where your logic and reasoning takes place. So it being healthy enhances your reasoning and thinking ability. Having a good brain means that you become sharper, smarter, and intelligent at work, school, and home.

2. Happy mood

A healthy brain will be one that releases the right chemicals, at adequate amounts, at the right time.

If this is the case, your life should be a happy one, with depressing moments few and far between.

3. Better immune system

Your immune system is ultimately controlled by your nervous system, which includes the brain.

The brain is responsible for releasing key chemicals and hormones that help enhance the immune system. A healthy brain should be producing and releasing these chemicals at the right time and in adequate amounts, reducing the chances of some diseases developing.

4. Fluent speech

If you stutter when you speak or have some form of speech disability, it means your brain is not completely healthy. It is not much to worry about, but a healthy brain will be able to form words in the mouth fluently without difficulty.

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5. Good eyesight

Unless if you have damaged any of the parts in your eyes, a healthy brain should be able to interpret light signals sent to it, and produce a crisp & clear image.

6. Better memory

The act of you recalling an event or information is facilitated by neurons in your brain firing with each other, until they connect with the right cells that contain that information.

A healthy brain should not take that long to find the right connections for that memory, and hence your memory ability is increased.

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