6 Drinks You Should Avoid to Improve Your Teeth

Your diet plays an important role in determining the condition of your teeth, including the drinks that you take. Cutting or reducing these six drinks will help to improve the condition of your teeth remarkably, so that you do not have a need to be regularly visiting a dentist.

1. Fruit juice

Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar, both natural and artificially added, which is processed by bacteria growing on the teeth to produce acidic metabolites, that eat and cut into the enamel of the teeth, causing tooth decay and toothache, if the acid has eaten the enamel to the blood vessel or nerves inside.

2. Lemon juice

Lemons and many other citrus fruits are well known for the levels of acid they contain. If this acid were to get into the mouth, even via drinks, they would exacerbate the effects of acid produced by bacteria eating into the enamel of the teeth.

3. Soda

Sodas today, may contain up to 15 cubes of sugar per container and as already stated, sugar is not a good friend of teeth.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies contain a whole lot of sugar that bacteria metabolizes to produce acids. Because they are also viscous liquids, they stay longer in the mouth and may even remain on the teeth, increasing bacterial action and toothaches.

5. Coffee

Coffee is acidic in nature, wearing out teeth enamel, when drunk over a long period of time. The acids in coffee also exacerbate bacteria, dental plaque and toothache.

Coffee also increases dental plaques if sugar is added and they also stain teeth.

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6. Alcohol

Excessive drinking of alcohol causes a condition called dry mouth, where your mouth cavity is dehydrated and saliva is not produced as much as before. This can cause disease in the gum, as the saliva which is filled with anti-bacterial compounds, is no longer present in sufficient amounts.

Disease in the gum loosens the strong hold that it has on the teeth, making them easier to fall off. Other complications may rise in the mouth cavity as a result of this, including mouth cancer.

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