4 Things You Can Do Today To Fit Into Your Wedding Dress

Is the big day coming and you are still worried about those extra pounds? You’ve come to the right place then. I’ll be guiding you people today about how you can get into that slim fit wedding dress you just bought for the biggest, happiest occasion of your life.

Nobody wants to look fat and over weight on such a wonderful occasion and neither should you. The photos and honeymoon plans should be quite enough motivation for you to get fit in no time. But along with the stress of attending hundreds of guests and managing so many arrangements at the same time, who would have the time to concentrate on weight loss.

Women do try to the best of their abilities for looking slimmer on their wedding day using crash diets or medication. You can make your wedding the motivation and follow these 4 tips by me to start fitting into your wedding dress today:

1. Make a weight loss board

To look better in your wedding dress, you need to start now. You need to dedicate your room’s front wall and hang up a board that has everything you need to do in your routine. Your “to-do list” shall contain all your necessary day to day attempts that you need to make for losing weight. Skipping a meal, buying veggies or the gym schedule, everything should be displayed right there. Put up pictures of your progress to keep you motivated.

2. Show off your workout clothes

The very next shopping that you’ll do must be workout clothes. This will pump you up in kick starting your daily weight loss routine. Whenever you skip your routine or miss out workout, looking at your lifting Ts or joggers in the closet will ignite that little spark towards fitness again.

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3. Raid your kitchen

Run to your kitchen as soon as you finish reading this article. Grab every single food item from every drawer and every cabinet. Then move to your fridge and empty it as well. Now one by one pick each and every food item and think whether or not it will make you fat when you eat it. If yes, put it into a separate box. If not put it back where it was. Now take out all the unhealthy food out of your place and feed it to the homeless. Your unhealthy food diet is the worst of all reasons for your increased weight.

4. Tell your friends about your plans

When it is about losing weight, being answerable to someone can be one of the biggest motivations you can get. Your friends should know that you are going to fit in that slim fit wedding dress on your big day. By telling your friends you will always have this in the back of your mind that if you don’t succeed you’ll have to answer to them about it. Nobody wants to be a failure in front of their friends.

image couresy: jmendel.com, Today.com.

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