4 Tips to Deal With Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but some of the symptoms that come with it might be very uncomfortable. One of these symptoms is a feeling of nausea called morning sickness, even though it can occur at any time of the day. Women whose mothers had morning sickness, women who have had morning sickness in their previous pregnancies and those who are pregnant with more than one child are prone to this. Here are some tips that can help in managing morning sickness.

1. Eat regularly

An empty stomach can exacerbate morning sickness. The thought of food might not be appealing at this time but it is important to eat small meals to help reduce that queasy feeling. The smell of food may trigger the nausea, so it is better to eat cold food until it subsides. Try crackers, ginger cookies or lemonade.

2. Check your antenatal vitamins

Pregnant women have to take supplements to ensure adequate provision of nutrients for themselves and their unborn babies. Some vitamins taken have high iron content, and this might irritate the stomach, causing morning sickness.

Since fetuses don’t require that much iron in the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women don’t have to take supplements that contain a high amount. It is only required for women who are suffering from iron deficiency. The most important nutrient for the first trimester is folate because it prevents development of neural tube defects.

3. Avoid hot environments

An uncomfortably hot environment can trigger morning sickness. During pregnancy, your normal body temperature rises so it is important to stay away from places that are too hot. You can also wear comfortable and free clothing made of cotton to prevent sweating. You can try cooling your temperature by using a cool compress or placing cold cucumber slices over your eyes.

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4. Rest

Fatigue and stress can aggravate pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness. Try to rest and get some sleep as often as possible.

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