5 Amazing Flat Belly Workouts to Help Sculpt Your Abs

5 Amazing Flat Belly Workouts to Help Sculpt Your Abs

Being fit is the new cool today, and virtually everyone wants to be fit and have well sculpted abs. While many people may be determined to tone their abs, however, they may also be doing it wrongly and the result turns out to be equal to nothing. Your abs and cores should be targeted specifically to get a great result. Below are some workouts that can help you to achieve the sculpted abdominal abs you have always desired:

1. The plank

Plank is one of the common exercises in fitness but unfortunately, many people do not do it right. Start by getting into the push up position, with your elbows bent and the rest of your weight lying on your forearms. Your body, from your shoulders to your ankles, should form a straight line. Now, brace your core, and maintain this position for some seconds, or as long as you can.

2. Mountain climbers

This exercise is a full body workout, that works effectively on quite a number of muscles in the body, of which the rectus abdominis is not left out. To do this exercise, get on all fours on a non-slippery surface and rise into a push up position, hands stretched apart in front of you and legs stretched behind. Maintain a stable position, then pull your abs in to stabilize your core. Now, bring one knee into your chest, and ensure it is in line with your leg and chest; repeat it behind you and do same on the opposite side. However, if you have gotten used to the basics, you can begin to do it faster; switch your legs as fast as you can.

3. The V crunch

The V crunch is a combination of both the upper and the lower crunch, and concentrates on the rectus abdominis. Lie on your back with your arms and legs extended outward, to get the greatest range of movement. Now, get your core muscles to keep the tension on your rectus abdominis, otherwise known as the abs or six pack. While you do this, protect your back by preventing it from extending too far during the second phase of the exercise.

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Like its name implies, you are to go into the V position; to do this, raise your upper body and lift your legs, so that you are in a V position. Perform an upper crunch so that your shoulder comes up the floor, and at the same time, do a lower crunch so that your hips also come up. Your glutes should be in contact with the floor, with your arms and legs straight and your hands touching your toes. Squeeze your abs and remain in this position for as long as you can, then repeat.

4. Straight-arm plank and raise

This is another way to approach planks, which is really effective. From a push-up position, with your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders, and arms kept straight, set your feet wide apart and keep your legs straight. Ensure your weight rests on your toes. Now, raise and straighten your right arm, with your thumb pointing up. Remain in this position for some seconds before switching sides, then repeat.

5. The scissors

The scissors is yet another great exercise to get your abs toned. Raise your legs towards the ceiling, keep them straight and lower your left leg till its about 6inches off the floor. Now, lift your head and your shoulders off the floor, and pull your right leg gently towards you. Repeat the same on the other side and keep alternating sides.

5 best flat belly exercises for slim waist

Sculpting your abs goes far than just working out. Eating healthy meals consistently can play a major role and will help to keep you in shape overall. You also need to be determined and consistent till you achieve your goal of developing fit abs.

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