4 Simple Tips for Attaining a Flat Belly

4 Simple Tips for a Flat Tummy

Looking to attain a flat belly? While it is fairly common for most men to pack extra weight around their belly region, excess abdominal fat has been linked to some of the major causes of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and some types of cancer.

And if your desire today, is to get rid of that fat in your belly area and make it as flat as possible, then you’ll find this article helpful as we’ll show you a few simple exercises to help you achieve your goals.

1. Exercise in bursts

Experts say that the most effect means of achieving a flat belly, is interval training. In other words, intensive periods of work with short recovery segments to increase intensity and minimize recovery time, is the most productive form of exercise to engage yourself in.

The whole idea behind interval training, is to engage in hard but short workouts and burn more calories compared to your regular workout sessions.

2. Skip sweets

Whether you know this or not, but when you consume a lot of sugar, your liver gets flooded with fructose and will be forced to turn into fat. And it is this same fat that accumulates in your belly section.

So imagine all the good you’ll be doing to your body when you stay away from sweets like candy and cake, fruit juice, sport drinks and many others.

3. Drink smart

It is time to get rid of those fat-building sugary drinks, by simply replacing them with cold water and green tea. Studies have proven that both of these significantly help with burning body fat.

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While cold water aids with increased metabolic rate of your body, green tea on the other hand, contains several compounds including caffeine and polyphenol, which can also boost your metabolism to speed up the rate at which your body burns calories.

4. Eat right

As far attaining a flat belly goes, you can’t afford to eat anyhow again. You’ll have to cultivate a much healthier mode of eating. That means adding more protein to your diet, as it will help you to reduce cravings.

As recent studies have linked protein with stomach-fat reduction, 25 to 30 percent of your daily calories should be filled with protein. Also, you may want to consider eating more fiber than usual. The most natural forms of fiber are fresh veggies and fruits.

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