5 Detox Smoothies To Lose Belly Fat And Keep You Healthy

5 Detox Smoothies To Shed Belly Weight And Keep You Healthy

Who doesn’t like smoothies? Sadly, most of us stay away from them as they can cause an increase in our weight! But do you know that there are actually a number of delicious detox smoothies that can help you shed belly weight and keep you healthy?? Read on below to find out the top five most delicious detox smoothies!

#1. Blueberry Smoothie1

A blueberry smoothie is an extremely delicious smoothie! The only ingredients you need are:

• One cup of blueberries that are unsweetened
• One small banana, or one cup of skimmed low fat milk
• One tablespoon of cold-pressed flax seed oil

The combination of all these ingredients will not only help you to lose weight, but will provide you with a number of healthy elements that will keep you healthy always!

#2. Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie2

Chocolate smoothie, even the name sounds delicious! Grab the following ingredients, to make this scrumptious smoothie:

• 1 cup of raspberries
• ¼ chocolate chips (organic)
• ½ cup of almond milk

One cup of this smoothie will ensure that you are able to shed weight from your belly.

#3. Silky Mango3

Mango in itself may be a fruit that is rich in fat. However, mango smoothie recipe will help to reduce the fat in your body! For this smoothie, you need mangoes, avocados, orange juice, and lime juice! Avocados are known to help reduce the fat consumption in the body by speeding up the metabolism rate. Lime juice is extremely useful for eliminating toxins and unhealthy fat from the body.

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#4. Green Almonds Smoothie4

Greens and almonds is a perfect combination to rev up the metabolism rate! Both greens and almonds are recommended to be a part of the diet, in order to achieve weight loss, especially around the belly! Combine the following ingredients in a blender, and get this perfect, healthy smoothie, ready in a minute:

• Almond milk
• Natural almond butter
• Small banana
• Kale leaves

#5. Lemon Orange Citrus Smoothie5

Skimmed milk, lemon yogurt, a peeled orange, flax seed oil, and some ice, is all you need for this highly effective detox smoothie! Reap the benefits of lemon and orange, all found in one easy to make smoothie!

Try the above mentioned smoothies and I guarantee that they will help you to shed belly weight, and will provide your body with various nutrients that will keep you healthy always!

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