5 Essential CrossFit Moves

There are some essential moves that everyone who engages in CrossFit should master, no matter at what level of physical fitness a person is.  Below are some of them.

1. The back squat

To do this, take a big breath to brace your core and pull your buttocks back while you keep your chest expanded. Squat below parallel, as far as your mobility allows, and drive up as you think of screwing your feet out and into the ground. This targets the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and the core.

2. The box jump

Begin with your feet apart at shoulder-width, and drop to a quarter squat. Drive your arms up, and let them explode out of the quarter squat and into a box, then open your hips and stand as your feet lands to the top of the box. This move focuses on the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

3. The front squat

Like the back squat, this movement targets the glutes, hamstrings, calves and the core. In this case, the bar sits in the front rack position across the collarbones and shoulders of the athlete, unlike the back squat. While driving back up, ensure you raise your elbows to the sky and keep the bar in the correct position, with your core tightened.

4. The clean

To do this, start with the bar on the ground and your hands on the bar. The bar should be touching your mid shin, as you keep your weight on your heels and your chest expanded. Pull up the bar like a deadlift as you drive your knees back till the bar is perpendicular to the floor, and you are over the bar. As the bar passes the knee, make an attempt to jump, and shrug, for the bar to come up as high as it can. Then, squat under the bar and change your hand position beneath, with your body in a front squat position and the bar on your shoulders.

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5. The split jerk

Let the bar start in the front rack position, with your feet hip-width apart, while you take a deep breath to tighten your core. Then, dip straight down a few inches to get more power, and drive the bar overhead while you split your legs into a lunge position. You have to get under the bar as fast as you can while you drive the bar up overhead.

These CrossFit moves work for virtually all the muscles in the body, and helps to keep you strong and fit.

image courtesy of: topnotchcrossfit.com.

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