5 Healthy foods for longer hair

The joy of most girls is to have long, thick hair, but nothing is as frustrating as thinking your hair has grown to a considerable size, only to see it grow less than an inch. Sometimes, bad hair habits ruin the fast growth of hair, and at other times, it just naturally happens. The key is to be patient with your hair and work diligently to attain it, some hair grow faster than others, the key is to be patient and keep working at it and one day your efforts will bear fruits.

It is important to note that the foods we eat contribute to the growth of our hair, so what foods can we add to our diet or consume more of for a faster and longer hair growth? Here we go;

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green vegetables are a must in your diet if you are in pursuit of long and luscious hair. Add them to your stew, mix with your rice. Involve them in every meal mixed with flavors to have more taste. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin A, Iron, beta carotene, folate etc. the nutrients are endless depending on the vegetable type you go for. Incorporate this in your diet and you are sure to have results.

2. Sweet Potatoes

This delicious carbohydrate is also good for the growth of your hair. Naturally vegetables are high in vitamin and nutrients for hair growth and the more of we eat the better. Research for sweet potato recipes and enjoy the very best of this food type.  

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3. Oysters

Yes oysters are involve too. The more the better. They are a great source of nutrient, nutrients ranging from zinc , calcium, omega  fatty acids and vitamin C. These nutrients are essential to the growth of a longer, luscious and radiant hair.

4. Salmon

This is one of the essential produce you need in your body for the faster production of hair and longer length. Since the body can’t produce them on their own, it is important you get these nutrient from your diet as they help in attaining the results you require. Salmon or tuna fish and any other omega 3 meal is good for this purpose.

5. Eggs

Starting your day with this protein filled meal sure does wonders to your hair. This is because it contains protein, zinc and iron that your body needs to grow your hair too. Apart from the benefits of the protein in hair and iron, zinc serves as a tool for hair growth, repairing of broken tissues and cell production. It also helps in secreting oil that helps keep the hair together and prevent it from falling out.

image couresy: blog.doctoroz.com, diabeticpick.com.

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