Foods That Deal With Your Joint Aches and Pains

As you age, one inevitable thing that you have to deal with is joint aches and pains. You can get joint aches when you fail to lubricate your joints and pains when you have injuries or joint inflammation. Having joint aches is a sign of unfitness and so you must get rid of them. The causes of these are many, however, there are also various ways you can ward off or slow the progression of this issue. Foods with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities have been proven to also aid in dealing with this issue. Here are some foods that can deal with your joint aches and pains.

1. Berries

Berries are a rich fruit that contain many nutrients, including anthocyanins, antioxidant compounds and the likes that battle inflammation and give the fruit its richness. Elegiac acid, which is an antioxidant, can also be found in berries. This reduces inflammation and brings down joint pain. You could eat them like that or add them to your hot or cold cereals. You can even make them into smoothies or take them with Greek yogurt. There are many types of berries like strawberry, blue berries etc.

2. Nuts

Nuts are also a fruit that have healthy fats and antioxidants which helps fight and repair damage to your joints as a result of inflammation. In fact, you are less likely to die of an inflammatory disease when you eat enough nuts. You can eat the nuts like that or enjoy some nice breakfast with oatmeal containing any nut of your choice and cinnamon with chopped apples added to the meal too. Note though, that you cannot eat it with any hot cereal.

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3. Dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables

These are instrumental in the warding off or even slowing down the progression of any arthritis and the pain in your joints. This is because they are loaded with antioxidants and contain sulforaphane, which is said to block the enzymes that are connected with inflammation. There are different leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts and others.

Note that even with these foods, it is very important to exercise as well. Do some joint exercises and also see a doctor when the pains still persists as there are medications that can deal with this.

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