5 Healthy Substitutes for Butter

Butter, as a whole is one of the culprits that raises cholesterol levels in the human health system. Minimizing the intake of butter will do the body a whole lot of good. Minimizing butter in its real form is not enough, baked goods contain as much butter as you simply apply it to the toast or sandwich.

You can still eat all your favorite foods and still not need butter by using nature’s very own substitutes. Here area few substitutes you can use

1. Avocado

This is an all-round substitute as you can use it as a spread for your toast, a base for your sandwich, in your spaghetti or macaroni dish. This monounsaturated fat is very nutritious containing vitamin K, potassium and a high amount of fiber. There are many dishes one can use with an avocado. And yes, you can bake with avocado, all you have to do is search them out.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil is another butter substitute, as this is much healthier than butter. For every cup of butter you were going to use, use ¾ cup of oil in it. Olive oil is full of unsaturated fat, whilst it may have its own pack of calories, it is a much better choice than butter as it doesn’t come with the issues that will affect the heart at all. olive oil is used for salad dressings, can also be used for mashed potato dishes and the stir fry foods.

3. Applesauce

This is another healthy substitute for butter. Particularly best for baking sweet goods as it adds moisture and fiber to foods and all on low calories. The same amount of butter you were going to use in your recipes should be used in with applesauce.

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4. Nut butter

This is the perfect base for a topping in your breakfast, lunch or dinner meal, depending on the meal type. This can be used as a spread for your toast or for any delicious meal that requires butter, can be substituted as well. They are also a  favorite with kids and are very adaptable as they can be eaten in dessert form, be it with slices of strawberries, bananas etc. This healthy fat is filled with potassium and fiber and is very satisfying.

5. Pumpkin puree

This is also a good butter alternative as for every butter called in a recipe, you can use pumpkin puree. Highly delicious, full of vitamin K, potassium and fiber. Be it in coffee cakes or muffins, this delicious puree is good to go.

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