4 Health Benefits of Onions That Everyone Should Know About

4 Health Benefits of Onions That Everyone Should Know About

4 Health Benefits of Onions That Everyone Should Know AboutFrom a very early age, most people may probably recall their mothers telling them to eat their onions. Turns out that mother was right after all, as onions are an extremely healthy and nutrient-filled vegetable. The really cool thing about onions is the fact that you can find a way to mix it in with most of your meals, or you could even decide to eat it raw. Here are a few more facts that may convince you to eat more onions if you aren’t completely sold on them yet.

1. Prebiotics

Onions provide food for the healthy bacteria in the gut, in the form of soluble fiber from fructans. Fructans can pass through the small intestine without being absorbed, and on to the large intestine where they are used by the probiotics in the gut. This is important because these probiotics help to lower the pH level in the gut, which then helps the gut absorb minerals better.

2. Improves immunity

Onions contain a mix of powerful phytochemicals, which along with Vitamin C, provide benefits for the immune system. In particular, they contain selenium in higher amounts than other vegetables, and this mineral helps to promote efficiency in the immune response of the body. Also, selenium helps promote the production of protein and the transportation of calcium by cells.

3. Helps stimulate sleep

Did you know that eating onions can help you fall asleep faster and alleviate depression? This is due to its content of Folate, which functions by preventing the production of homocysteine which is a compound that, when released in the blood stream, inhibits the production of the hormones responsible for sleep and moods.

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By inhibiting homocysteine production, Folate helps to improve the mood and aids in falling asleep faster.

4. Combats cancer

Onions belong to a group of vegetables known as allium vegetables, which contain organosulfur compounds that are thought to help prevent cancer. In particular, onions contain Quercetin which helps combats the formation of free radicals and, in higher concentrations, it is known to be toxic to cancer cells.

A further way in which onions help combat cancer is the fact that the healthy bacteria which feed on the fructans in onions help to prevent carcinogens from functioning. Additionally, onions contain Vitamin C which also helps to prevent cancer.

Onions may make you cry but they have immense benefits for health. If you aren’t getting enough, you should make sure that you start eating more and more of them today.

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