5 Moves will Get you Washboard Abs

It looks beautiful and attractive when you have sculpted abs and much more to just the looks, they can help you lift more weight in the gym, make you a better athlete, can prevent back pain and also maintain good posture. Below are 5 moves that will get you washboard abs.

1. Bird dog

To do this, go down on all fours, with your hands directly beneath your shoulders and your knees directly beneath your hips. Then, engage your abs and stretch your right leg behind your hip and your left arm forward, with your right palm firm on the floor. Ensure your torso is steady throughout the exercise. Repeat

2. Boat pose

Sit on a chair and balance on your butt, with your knees bent into your chest. Keeping your spine upright, extend your legs and hinge back, slightly, being conscious of your spine that should stay upright.

Engage your abs to lift your legs, so that you form the “V” shape with your body and your arms extended on the sides of your thighs.

Maintain this pose for about a minute or more, then repeat. This pose doesn’t just sculpt the abs, it also helps to build strength, stamina and flexibility.

3. Side hip raise

Lie on one side, with your bottom elbow bent beneath your shoulder and your legs stretched straight. Keep your hips and heels stacked and your top hand on your hip, then engage your abs and lift your hip off the floor. Press up into a side plank position and lower your hip, gently to the floor. Repeat immediately.

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4. Bicycle crunch

Lie face up, keeping your knees bent at 90-degree over your hips and your hands clasped behind your head. Exhale, as you round your spine, then lift your head and shoulders off the floor.

Draw your left knee in, till your right elbow touches it, as you twist your torso. Repeat the process on the other side and keep alternating. This specifically helps to deepen the contraction of the abdominal wall.

5. Standing rotational chop

Stand with your feet apart and your knees slightly bent. Hold on to the handle of a resistance band, with your arms stretched out in front of your lower chest. Contract your abs tightly and move your arms across your torso, from side to side. Ensure your hips are steady, as you rotate your torso through your shoulders and repeat this again and again.

To get amazing abs, exercising isn’t the only option. Watch what you eat ensure you follow a healthy diet that isn’t contradicting your workouts.

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