5 Reasons to Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga benefits the body in a lot of ways. A 2012 survey shows that over 22 million people from 6 years of age and above practice yoga in the United States. These numbers increase on a daily basis, with different reasons as to why more people are practicing it. In case you are still wondering whether to perform yoga exercises or not, below are some very good reasons to start doing as soon as possible.

1. It helps with flexibility

Yoga improves the body’s flexibility by easing stiff muscles, so you are able to extend your hands to some parts of your body you never would have before, such as touching your toes while you bending from your waist. To attain flexibility, you have to be consistent with yoga practices. How often you practice will determine your level of flexibility.

2. It clears out mental clutter

Our minds are always on the run, especially for very busy people who have a lot of things to do at a specific period of time. Yoga helps to clear your mind and helps you stay in the present moment, rather than worrying about the past and future.

3. It relieves stress

Are you tired from a very long and stressful day? You can always calm your mind with yoga and eradicate the stress. In yoga, you have to be conscious of how you breathe. A few deep breaths will help ease your mind and reduce stress as you engage in some yoga poses. You relax your muscles by breathing into the movement, and you feel much better as a result.

4. It boosts the mood

There are times when bad moods come around, and there’s really nothing to do about it. You can endure it or binge on food and end up worrying about the extra calories you consumed due to stress. Yoga works effectively in improving the mood and decreasing anxiety. Studies show that there’s a link between low GABA levels and depression. Get out of depression by practicing some more yoga, which increases GABA production in the body.

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5. It improves sleep

Perhaps you frequently have disturbing nights where you find it difficult to sleep. If so, then yoga might just be the best option to resort to. Yoga has been shown to greatly improve sleeping patters, so that you wake less frequently during the course of the night and sleep longer and more soundly.

To get the most out of yoga, it is recommended that you keep up with practicing it regularly and ensuring that you do these poses in the correct manner.

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