5 Warm Salads That Will Keep You Warm All Winter

5 Warm Salads That Will Keep You Warm All WinterDuring winter, very few people ever think of eating cold salads, so they just quit on eating salads at all. There are actually lots of warm salad options to try. Some of them are listed below.

1. Sizzling steakhouse salad

This is a well-presented four-ounce serving that provides satiety with only a little quantity. You can slice it and serve it as the star ingredient atop a beautiful salad, or dress it up with sprinkles of Gorgonzola cheese and black pepper. You can also combine it with grass-fed beef, which is rich with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

2. Asian chicken stir-fry salad

This Asian-inspired recipe combines both salad and stir-fry at once. You can quickly stir-fry the chicken with bell pepper and onion and add it to a coleslaw mix. Then, sprinkle it with a sesame-lime vinaigrette, peanuts, and cilantro. The cabbage in this meal makes it a rich source of vitamins K, C, and B6. The glucosinolates in cabbage also helps to reduce the risk of cancers.

3. Vegan taco salad with skillet beans

Heat up black beans with pico de gallo in a skillet and toss the warm bean mixture with lettuce, blue corn tortilla chips and cilantro. Then sprinkle it generously with avocado. This is a salad with a Mexican flavor and it is one that you’ll love to make often, as it is both scrumptious and quick to prepare. It also contains a lot of digestion-promoting fibers in every ingredient.

4. Warm lemony bulgur salad with roasted carrot coins and dill

This meal is filled with health-protective beta carotene from carrot coins, and apart from being very nutritious, it is also a delicious meal to not miss out on. The carrots are caramelized, which helps to bring out their full flavors. The meal is also seasoned perfectly, with fresh dill, scallions, and lemon juice. Bulgur wheat makes everything much easier to prepare, as it is already steamed, crushed, and dried, unlike most whole grains. So, rather than spending an hour preparing this meal, you can actually spend less than 20 minutes.

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5. Warm Italian pasta salad with charred broccoli and bell pepper

Toss freshly cooked whole-grain fusilli with red wine vinaigrette, onions, broccoli, red bell pepper and pepperoncini. You can char the broccoli and bell pepper for a bit of smokiness, before adding them in, then finish with fresh basil to add sweet herbal notes to the meal.

Try one or more of these meals, and enjoy salads even during winter.

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