5 Tips to Lessen Neck Pain

When you begin to feel chronic pains on your neck, they are likely a result of things you do. Therefore, read on to learn some tips that could lessen your neck pain and make you feel good.

1. Stay hydrated

The disc in between your vertebrae and your spine needs water to maintain disc height and spinal alignment.  In maintaining strong daily hydration habits may prevent further degeneration of cervical discs which would help in reducing neck pain.

2. Be careful how you use your phone

Many people tend to cradle their phone in their neck and talk. This tends to put unneeded strain on your cervical spine. In a nutshell, try using your phone wisely so you don’t create an extra weight on your neck which would cause you severe neck pain.

3. See a physical therapist

Try seeing a physical therapist as they would help to identify the secondary causes of the neck pain, they would also teach you ways to reduce the risk of re-injury, and lastly, they would help to strengthen the parts of the neck that hurt through targeted exercises. Therefore, see a physical therapist and your neck will become whole again.

4. Use a water pillow

Using a water pillow helps to allow the patient to dictate the firmness of their pillow. A water pillow can be very much considered helpful in reducing neck pain. Therefore, when you use it, it allows your neck to be fixed in place and the pain lessens as a result of the water pillow.

5. Try a neck supporting chair

In maintaining a good posture, this is a very good way to keep your neck pain under control. Resting your head can actually keep your cervical spine in its neutral position. Therefore, try using a chair that has a neck support in order for your neck to be in it right position, as a result, lessening your neck pain.

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Image courtesy of: muscleandjoint.ca.

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