How Can Fruits Boost Your Health

Fruits are just amazing, apart from the soothing satisfaction they leave in your mouth, a host of health benefits are associated with fruits and these foods can boost your health in ways that might surprise you. Keep on reading as I give you a glimpse of some of these amazing benefits.

1. Balances blood pressure

A large number of folks are dying out today as a result of uncontrolled stressed that, results in a spike of their blood pressure. Research has however discovered that a particular element present in fruits, potassium, can be of great assistance in the overall reduction and stabilization of your blood pressure.

2. Repairs broken skin

Apart from being a good blood pressure stabilizer, fruits are also one of the primary sources of vitamin C, which makes them the best option for repairing broken body tissues, healing cuts and wounds, as well as maintaining the health of the gums and teeth. Apart from consuming protein-rich foods, the best way to repair broken skin is to take in a good deposit of vitamin C from fruits each day.

3. Boosts Your immune system

Research has proven that fruits provide a great deal of aid to the immune system in fighting-off bacteria and harmful germs. Fruits are rich in Vitamin A, which is rich in Antioxidants which effectively fight free radicals and germs.

4. Fights depression

Research has positively affirmed that, fruits can help in fighting against depression. This is how it works, a person suffering from depression is recorded to have an increased blood levels of homocysteine, which basically creates a conducive atmosphere for depression to thrive. Fruits, however are rich in folic acid, which largely functions as an antidepressant. This study has also been confirmed in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Now that you know the amazing benefits of eating fruits, you might be wondering just which ones you should go for. Generally, citrus fruits are an excellent choice given their particularly high content of Vitamin C. Other excellent choices are bananas which are energy rich and contain potassium and avocados which are full of healthy fats.

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