6 Amazing Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is not all about fun and breaking up, it also makes the body and mind healthy, studies have shown that dancing actually helps you to lose weight, reduces stress, makes you have fun and become flexible. Below are more reasons why, you should dance.

1. Increases strength and balance

Having some few weeks of dancing classes can increase your strength and balance, studies conducted by the gerontologists revealed that, a dance like salsa is a safe and feasible exercise for adults. Young ones also can take up this dance class to improve their strength and flexibility.

2. Improves heart condition

Learning how to dance is also a form of cardiovascular exercise like cycling or walking. Dancing helps people with chronic heart failure, you can also use dancing as an advantage to reduce the pain and exercise the heart to function properly.

3. Drives away depression

Are you having mood disorders or Stressed up? If yes, you can resolve this with a simple dance to your favorite tune or by joining a dancing class and dance it all away, dancing help better your mood by reducing your depression, anxiety and insomnia.

4. Reduces dementia

Dancing helps to reduce the risk of developing dementia, this is because dancing is combination of cardiovascular exercise and split second decision making that, will help to create new pathways.

5. Therapy

Researchers have found out that dancing is a therapy for anyone who is suffering from dementia, cancer, asthma, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and health issues, but then, before you embark on a dancing class you have to ask your doctor as well.

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6. Weight Management

Dancing is also a form of weight training, as you move your body from one place to the other, the up and downs, the sweats, tends to burn more calories which will help you shed some pounds or maintain your weight. So if you are looking forward to staying in shape, then dancing is the best way to go.

Dancing is fun as it is and has lot of health benefits. Do you know, it also promotes stronger bones, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, increases physical confidence, self-esteem and better social skills. So if you thinking of an easy mood boosting avenue, then think dancing, you will love it.

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