5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Skip Meals

Did you wake up in the morning skipped breakfast, worked passed lunch and got home so tired and sleepy that you forgot to eat dinner and just went to bed. If so, your body will definitely face some consequences. Because eating keeps your body hydrated and strong. Below are some of the things that happen to your body when you skip a meal.

1. Energy drops

Eating the right meal helps to keep your energy level constant throughout your day. But when you skip a meal, your energy level and sugar level drops and this decrease can make it difficult for you to focus, you tend to swing moods, experience headaches and feel fatigue. You even tend to skip your workouts because, you so tired and there is no energy for you to exercise which is bad for your health.

2. Slow metabolism

Skipping meals means not giving your body the nutrients and calories it needs to function properly, which  will slow down your metabolism rate and affect your ability to burn down calories or quickly getting rid of them; meaning not losing weight properly.

3. Fat stores

When your body is starving it has no choice but to store fats and I’m sure you won’t want your body to store calories that, it won’t be able to burn; because when it does, you get to gain weight instead of losing weight, a fact that has been attested in studies conducted by Ohio state university.

4. Level of diseases increases

Studies have shown that people who routinely skip meals have the tendency of having type 2 diabetes or can lead to heart diseases, because the body needs nutrients to maintain cholesterol, insulin and blood pressure. So to avoid this diseases, I will advise you to eat your meal and workout as well.

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5. Unhealthy eating

You might end up eating junk foods when you skip your healthy meal. As you get hungry you just stop by the grocery store to grab a large percentage of high calories which will make your body crave for more junk foods when you skip meals.

You tend to be less productive at work or school when you skip meals, you become weak, and your immune system won’t function the way it should- which is really bad for your body. Make sure you eat right, have a good rest and exercise daily, don’t forget to stay hydrated always.

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