6 Best Foods To Eat To Fuel Your Run

6 Foods To Eat To Fuel Your Run

Runners, all over the world, wonder as to which food is best for them which will fuel their run! While each individual’s body is different, this article will tell you about the six foods to fuel your run, that will be effective for every individual.

#1. Energy Bars1

Energy bars are a great choice! The energy bars will get you the right dose of energy for your run. Try to eat natural energy bars such as granola bars. These energy bars are easy to digest, and will make you feel energetic, yet light.

#2. Avocados2

The benefits of avocados have been known for years. Avocados are a great source of nutrients, that help the body to lose weight, and shed unhealthy fat. Avocados provide the body with Vitamin E, B, Potassium, and various other nutrients, which help regulate the heart rate and give the body the right amount of energy. Furthermore, avocados help the individual to feel full, and will not make you feel weak during the run!

#3. Sweet Potatoes3

Sweet potatoes are the cure for regulating blood sugar levels. They are rich in vitamin C, B, and fiber, making it a meal that is rich in carbohydrates and thus beneficial for giving the body energy!

#4. Tomatoes4

Many of you may be unaware of the fact that tomatoes are the best choice of food to eat to fuel your run! Tomatoes are rich in vitamin B6 and contain many other beneficial minerals. Tomatoes will not only provide you with energy during the run, but you can also have them post running, to make your body feel energetic afterwards as well.

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#5. Kale5

Kale helps to eliminate inflammation in the body. It reduces the risk of inflammation that may be caused during running. Just like all the other food items listed above, kale is also rich in vitamins, calcium, and iron.

#6. Bananas6

Do you know, that running makes you lose potassium from your body, and that is what makes you feel weak? To ensure that you have a sufficient amount of potassium, even after running, eat a banana right before your run! Bananas also help to curb the possibility of developing cramps after running!

Eat the above mentioned six foods, and I guarantee that they will give you the perfect dose of energy! These foods are the best foods to fuel your run and will make you feel full!

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