6 Reasons Why You Need to Say NO to Overweight

Overweight is a burden in our society today. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that you become aware of the  of the disadvantage of being overweight. If overweight is not dealt with, one gets to suffer the consequences of this overweight. It has more or less, become important that people get in weight loss fitness program in order to avert such consequences. Below are physical and psychosocial disadvantaged position that the overweight people suffer in our setting.

1. You will have low self-esteem

Many people who are overweight have low self-esteem which can make you take decisions that, would hurt you at the end of the day. This act of generating low self-esteem would cause you to engage in some kind of destructive activities such as alcohol and drug abuse and depression.

2. Your sex life is affected                          

Overweight also affects your libido. Men who are also overweight presents a likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction. This will in turn affect your marital or relationship life, given your partner reason to look out.

3. Your social life would also be affected

If you’re single, being overweight can also affect your social life, especially when you want to date. Your appearance matters in every relationship or intended relationship. People don’t want to associate with people who are not attractive and overweight has a way of making un-presentable. At the end of the day, you tend not to socialize.

4. You will have low energy level

When you are overweight, you tend to get tired easily, easily fatigued and lack energy to do things at home, in school or at work.

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5. You get to struggle with finances

Regular purchase of junks makes it difficult for you to save up some money. You to spend all your money on eating foods that would rather keep you unhealthy, which means you might struggle to make ends meet too.

6. It affect one’s mental health

Overweight is associated with anxiety, depression and anti-social personality. When one develop these mental aberrance, their day-to-day life would be affected, making it difficult to go to work or school, enjoy social activities and more.

General fitness and adequate diet is the key to a healthy living. It might be easy to achieve this goal but it is more than possible. There are so many success story on our account. Sign up today and realize what difference it could make, see how you would be transformed to a public figure.

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