Dealing With Minor Sports Injuries

Minor sport injuries are those non-severe injuries ranging from 1 to 4 on the pain scale. These types are often acquired during physical activities and pose no threat to your physiology, if treated immediately and effectively. They include things like Sprained ankles, over stretched Ligaments.

Warning:  Always consult a health specialist after any injury, regardless of how painful it is, so as to identify any lurking issues. Immediate treatment would dismiss the problem and stop it from being chronic.

1. Steps to take when treating minor sport injuries

You need to adopt the RICE principle, no i don’t mean eating rice to relieve pain and stop swelling as well as help with full recovery.

2. R- Rest

The ‘R’ in RICE stands for rest, and implies the immediate arrest of all physical activities that would necessitate the use of the injured part. Rest is crucial because, it gives the body enough time to repair itself. So don’t try and be macho, lie down and enjoy the moments of idleness.

3. I – Ice

Ice is used by athletes all over the world and is one of the preferred methods of recovery in the sports world. Ever heard of an ice bath. Yes they actually have those.  Applying ice on the injured part helps numb the nerve endings in that area thus reducing pain and swelling. Apply ice every 4 or 6 hours for 20 mins and the pain will be drastically reduced.

4. C- Compress

Compressing involves the application of pressure on the injured part. This is often done in the form of a massage or bandaging the injured area. Applying pressure helps to reduce swelling and relaxes the muscles by reducing tension. Compressing is vital in recovery. Besides, who doesn’t like a good relaxing massage.

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5. E- Elevate

Elevation is all about raising your leg and positioning it slightly above your heart level. To do this, one would simply place a pillow below the injured part when lying down. Elevation is performed in order to reduce blood flow to that area, eventually reducing swelling.

The principle of RICE is one that has been scientifically proven to aid in the recovery process of injuries and is practiced by a large number of athletes all over the world. Your health is one thing you cannot compromise, because healthier life, equals a longer life.

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