Ab Workout to Trim the Waist

Getting your waist bigger is actually better rather than bulkier. You make your waist smaller by trimming it, which gets rid of unwanted fat around the waistline and gets the waist into shape. This fat makes the waist become bulky losing its fitness. A slimmer waist help strengthen your core and prevent back injury particularly later in life.

Crunch exercises help shrink bulky waist into fitness. Details on different crunch exercise types is contained in our previous publications- Cruches, a Great Abs Workout in Summer and Interesting Crunches You Will Love.

Abs workout that trim the waist and gets it into fitness include oblique Abs. These are Abs that work the oblique muscles. Although in the actual sense, they make the waist smaller because the muscles withdraw the intestines. The only thing that makes the waist look bigger is the unwanted fat around the waistline that has been gotten rid of, making the waistline more pronounced. This is the major reason many people think it makes the waist bigger.

Most women desire a trimmed waist, while men would rather prefer a bigger waist. It all boils down to body fitness. Men are usually bigger in stature and huge in most cases thus the desire for a waist type that suits that figure while females are thinner, tinnier and smaller in stature thus the rationale for their taste in slimmer waistline.

Waist types and shape can be controlled by exercises and diet. The class of food consumed goes a long way to determine muscle strength and the amount of body fat. Engaging in the right kind of exercises allows you attain waist fitness.

Below are few of the Abs workout that allow you trim your waist to fitness.

1. Jump rope skipping

Jumping with a skipping rope will work the waist. It raises your metabolic rate and at the same time tighten the core. It is thus said to be double-effective. It is also possible to twist the waist to the right and to the left while jumping with the skipping rope.

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 2. Hip thrust

Doing hip thrust alongside glute bridge movements target the glutes and the muscles of your lower back. It strengthens the waist and hip muscle and also shapes your glutes.

3.  Ski twists

Continuously jumping into the air and twisting your waist as you jump. You twist your waist in a rhythmic manner to the right, back to the center, then to the left and back to the center again.

4. Vertical hip-lift

Lie on your back, with your leg, hips and buttocks slightly raised above the floor. Support your back with your hands on the floor and then slowly lower your legs back to the floor. Repeat.

5. Planks and side planks

Aside crunches, planks are another effective way to engage the core muscles. Side planks help exercise the lateral muscles of the core. Side planks help strengthen and streamline your obliques without creating a ‘blocky’ muscled look.

In side plank, suspend your body sideways from the floor by supporting your body with only your forearm while placing the other hand on your waist in a curved manner. Engage in slow and gradual downward motion to lower your body to the floor and then return to starting position.

In plank exercise on the other hand, your body is suspended above the floor supporting with the tip of your toes and both your forearms with your hand clenched together.

Lower your body to the floor also and return to starting position. To properly engage your core while doing these exercises, ensure you keep your body straight and squeeze your butt muscles as you move upward and downward.

Image Courtesy by: skinnyms.com, mofit.es

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