4 Yoga Poses to Ease Your Back Pain

Chronic back pain has become one of the commonest pain people complain about, this is because of our lifestyle, from working at the desk to poor sitting posture and then going home to the couch, then bed, there is no form of exercise, but with yoga all this pain can stop do. Below are a few yoga poses you can practice at your free time to ease your back pain.

1. Cat and cow pose

With this basic move, you are extending the hips and the whole spine. Begin with your hands and knees. While breathing in, lift your trunk and tailbone towards the roof and keeping in mind that breathing out, curve your back, squeezing through the shoulder bones and drop your head down. Keep going as per the beat of your breath. Feel the muscles on your back and take any extra move that may feel good.

2. Pigeon pose

This posture can be a hero for those whose back pain is caused by tight hips. Pigeon posture focuses on the hip flexors, iliopsoas muscles and hip rotators, when tight can all add to a solid and sore lower back. Take your right knee behind your right wrist, with your right foot touching your right hip flexor or set it forward. Extend your left leg out behind you, with the highest point of your foot, shin and thigh in contact with the floor.

Keep your middle lifted, utilizing your hands for help or extend, walk your hands in front, bringing down your middle to the floor. Remain there for about 10 breaths and then go back to the downward-facing dog position. Repeat this to your other side.

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3. Child pose

It might seem as though you’re resting, child posture is a dynamic pose that lengthens the back. It’s likewise an extraordinary de-stressor before. Begin with your forehead, with your arms extended straight before you, at that point sit back, stopped simply above and not touch your heels, stay in that position for 10-15 seconds or breath, then get back down rest and do it again for about 5 times

4. Supine twist

This pose relaxes your lower back and increases your spinal flexibility as well. Gradually drop yourself down as you stand till you fall on your back, embrace your knees to your trunk and after that, gradually bring down your knees to your right side, making sure your right leg is laying on the floor and your left leg on top of it, both of your shoulders on the floor, broaden your arms out close by you and turn your leg to one side. Remain here for 5-10 breaths and then do the same to the other side.

There are many other yoga poses you can do to ease the back pain you are experiencing. The poses above will help to reduce your pain and also make you flexible, leaving you with a good or perfect body posture.

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