The Best Full body Workout to Lose Body Fat Fast

Best Full body Workout to Lose Body Fat Quickly

This intense workout is not for everyone as you may not be able to complete this calorie-crushing workout when you start it first time. This do-anywhere bikini workout targets your whole body, your upper body, legs, core, arms. You will be raising your heart rate in between the targeted strength training with alternating cardio bursts. Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor Astrid Swan shows you how to do this full body workout in the comfort of your own home. The workout has warm up to cool down after the intense body workout.

If you are looking for exercises that will workout all your body without using any equipment and weights, then this is the one which you need. This is so intense that you might find it very hard to walk after completing this workout for the first time.  But trust me you will love it when you see your body after doing the workout for couple of weeks.

Here is what you will be doing during this workout with Astrid Swan.
Warm up
Cardio Round 1
mountain climber
Half burpee
Jump Squat
Jumping Jack

Full Body Circuit
Frog Push Ups
On knees push up rotations
Repeat Circuit
Bird Dog
Corkscrew Twist

Cardio Circuit 2
mountain climber
Half burpee
Jump Squat
Jumping Jack

Leg Circuit
Low squat to lounge
Kick to Tap Down
Repeat circuit opposite side
Jump Squat to Plie
Plie with Elbow to Knee

Cardio Round 3
mountain climber
Half Burpee
Jump Squat
Jumping Jack

Arm Circuit
Triceps Push Ups on Knees
Plank Tap
1 Arm Plank
Plank rock in square

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Cardio Round 4
mountain climber
Half burpee
Jump Squat
Jumping Jack

AB Circuit
Leg Lower
Double Leg bicycle
Hip Lift
Hip Lift with Twist
Scissor legs


Watch the video and start your workout now!

You will doing each move 10 times. You can take a small break to take a sip of water after completing one circuit. Try using the modification when you first start it. And do not forget to consult your physician before starting this whole body workout.

You can drink this mango banana smoothie after completing this workout to get some energy.

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