The Benefits of Eating Bitter Kola

Most of us run away from things that are bitter and not appealing to the tongue, well if you are running away from anything you feel is not sweet bitter kola shouldn’t be among them. Bitter kola has very many wonderful benefits which many of us are not aware of. These are some of the health benefits of taking bitter kola.

1. Improved lung function

Bitter kola for many years has been used to treat colds and is still being used up till now. Bitter kola dilates the alveolar ducts and sacs in the lungs by improving fibers strength in lung tissue.

2. Malaria

Research has shown that bitter kola has anti-malaria properties. Kolaviron, which is a powerful compound present in bitter kola was tested on a malaria parasite and it was found to inhibit malarial activity.

3. Impotence

Garcinia which is found in bitter kola is helpful for male fertility. It increases the level of blood flow to the genital area, thereby increasing performance. It is better taken before intercourse.

4. Blood sugar level

Kolaviron which is present in bitter kola lowers blood sugar in the body.

5. Virus prevention

Bitter kola has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, which is able to prevent the rise of an infection in the body.

6. Weight loss

This part may interest many of us, as most of us are very keen about shedding weight. Garcinia present in bitter kola is a natural hunger suppressant and It increases your urge to drink water.

7. Helps reduce eye pressure

An increase in blood pressure can lead to glaucoma. Eye drops that contain 0.5% extract of Garcinia kola were tested and it showed that Garcinia significantly reduced eye pressure, when taken twice a day.

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8. Helps fight HIV

Bitter kola is potent antibiotic which can be very effective in the treatment of HIV and AIDS. Bitter kola is highly recommended in the treatment of HIV and AIDS because of its antibacterial, detoxification and cleansing properties.

The chemical saponin in bitter kola is responsible for its cleansing effect. These are the discovered benefits of eating this fruit which many of us run away from. Now you know the benefits, run to it.

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