10 Minute Flat Stomach Workout for Women at Home

10-Minute Flat Stomach Workout at Home

Are you one of those who want to have a flat stomach but always hiding behind the same excuse that you do not have time for workout. Then you have no more excuses to avoid exercising for flat stomach as this flat stomach exercises take only 10 minutes a day. You do not even need any equipment for these workouts and you can do them at home.

The best part is that we are providing you video instructions for all the 10 workouts so that you can easily follow them and do the workout without any problem.

This flat stomach workout routine has 10 workouts which target your tummy. Each workout is 45 seconds long then you take a rest of about 15 minutes before moving on to the next workout. There are not squats or weight lifting workouts. All you need is one exercising mat and a timer.

10-Minute Flat Stomach Workout

This quick routine comprises 10 exercises, each lasting 45 seconds. Prepare to feel the burn and build those core muscles. Let’s dive right in!

1. Flutter Kicks:

Lie down and get ready.
Initiate flutter kicks with legs straight up over your hips, crossing them back and forth. Ensure straight legs, targeting those lower abs. Keep the motion controlled and abs engaged.

2. Reaching Oblique Crunch:

Lie down, crunch up, and rotate!
Rotate shoulders sideways, aiming to lift both shoulders off the ground. Feel the squeeze in your obliques as you reach towards the outside of your thigh. Maintain the rhythm, engaging those core muscles.

3. Pilates Side Hip Raise (Left & Right):

Side plank position — ready, set, go!
On your left side, lift those hips high, feeling the tight squeeze in your obliques. Control the descent, keeping a slight hover. Switch sides for balanced effort. Maintain form and focus.

4. Russian Twist Flat Stomach Workout:

Seated position for the twist!
Lean back, ensuring a straight chest line. Rotate left to right, emphasizing range of motion. Adjust difficulty by lifting your feet for added challenge. It’s about controlled twists, not speed.

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5. Toe Touch Crunch:

Lying down for those toes!
Legs straight above your hips, crunch straight up to touch those toes. Feel the burn as you target those upper and lower abs. Maintain control and engage those core muscles.

6. Pilates Leg Pulls (Facing Down):

High plank position!
Maintain a strong plank, lifting one leg at a time. Options for wrist comfort: use dumbbells. Keep the core tight, minimizing hip movement. An excellent full-body engagement.

7. Pilates Leg Pulls (Facing Up):

Reverse plank time!
Lift those hips, maintaining a straight line. Alternate leg lifts, focusing on keeping the hips stable. Engage those hamstrings, and feel the burn. Concentrate on form and controlled movement.

8. Pilates Toe Taps:

Back on the mat!
Knees up, tabletop position. Alternate slow toe taps, ensuring the lower back stays glued to the mat. Maintain abdominal engagement for maximum effectiveness.

9. Knee Tuck Crunches:

Tailbone time!
Tuck those knees in as you crunch forward. Lean back with straight legs for added challenge. Ensure a complete range of motion and a tight squeeze in those abs.

10. Knee Tuck Crunches (Extended):

Final push!
Wrap it up with knee tuck crunches. Hover off that tailbone for an extra challenge. Engage your core, kick those legs out, and lean back. Feel the intensity in those abdominal muscles.

Remember to cool down and stretch to aid muscle recovery. Incorporate this routine regularly for stronger, more defined abs.

Here is the video instruction for this flat tummy workout routine.

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It is also advisable to consult your physician before starting this or any other workout routine to avoid any possible injury. If you start this workout routine, you should be seeing results after a week or so.

10 minutes a Day Flat Tummy Workout for Women

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