10 Minutes A Day Workout for Flat Tummy for Women

Want to have a flat tummy and always have the same excuse that you do not have time to do any workout. Then this flat tummy workout takes only 10 minutes a day so that you have no more excuses to use not to do exercise for flat stomach. You do not even need any equipment for these workouts and we are providing you video instructions all the 10 workouts so that you can easily follow them and do the workout without any problem.

This flat stomach workout routine has 10 workouts which target your tummy. Each workout is 45 seconds long then you take a rest of about 15 minutes before moving on to the next workout. There are not squats or weight lifting workouts. All you need is one exercising mat and a timer.

10 Minutes Flat Tummy Workout Routine:

Here are the exercises which you will doing in this workout routine.  Please note that if you are doing them first time, just go easy. It is always better to do some warm up workout before starting this flat tummy workout routine as well as do some cool down movements.

  1. Flutter Kicks (45 seconds)
  2. Reaching Oblique Crunch (45 Seconds)
  3. Pilates Side Hip Raises (45 Seconds)
  4. Switch sides and do Pilates side hip raises again for 45 seconds.
  5. Russian Twist (45 seconds)
  6. Toe Touch Crunches
  7. Pilates Leg Pulls – Facing Down (45 Seconds)
  8. Pilates Leg Pulls – Facing Up (45 Seconds)
  9. Pilates Toe Taps (45 seconds)
  10. Knee Tuck Crunches (45 seconds)

Here is the video instruction for this flat tummy workout routine.

It is also advisable to consult your physician before starting this or any other workout routine to avoid any possible injury. If you start this workout routine, you should be seeing results after a week or so.

10 minutes a Day Flat Tummy Workout for Women

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