The Best Exercises To Flatten The Stomach After A C-Section

How to get a flat tummy after C-Section

We can’t stop nature when it takes it course so don’t feel bad when your stomach remains big after delivery. Therefore the solution here is to flatten your stomach to achieve your former shape and size. In doing so, make sure you tackle your workout routines with caution especially if you’ve gone through a C-section. Keep in mind, a C-section is a major abdominal surgery and you will need enough time for your body to recuperate.

Always consult your doctor before kicking off an exercise. Ask them about their suggestions concerning returning back to exercise.

Here’s how to start your comeback.

Try cardio exercises. These will aid in burning calories and lead to the loss of excess fat. Performing a strength-training workout helps in building the muscles so that your metabolism can be elevated while doing ab exercises that will tone the region and restructure muscles that lost their firmness when you were pregnant

For your body to heal from the C-section, it will take at least a period of 6 weeks so you will need to exercise some patience before you try to pick up from where you left off. Don’t be in a haste to recover by pushing yourself too hard to gain a flat stomach. Remember, patience is key.

Don’t get involved in any weight lifting or intense exercise until you receive the okay from your doctor, or you will just risk bursting your wounds and hinder your recovery.

1. Start With Gentle Exercises

In postpartum fitness, the key to success is being slow and steady. Start your comeback with kegels and walking. The stretches can also assist you by helping to break up scar tissue that adds up to the extension of extra tissue at the site of your C-section.

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The Best Exercises to Flatten the Stomach After a C-Section

2. Prioritize Cardio

Cardio workouts help to burn calories in a way that eradicates the excess fat around your belly, and will be of great benefit. Having your pelvic floor strengthened will help you maintain a healthy lower back and strengthens your bladder so you don’t have painful leakages.

3. Strength Train

Develop a weekly routine, a couple times per week to be precise with 30 minutes each time, to strength-train all the main muscles to accumulate a good amount of lean mass, elevate your metabolism and encourage fat burning.

4. Work Your Abs

During your strength-training, it will be really helpful if you include some abdominal exercises, as these will aid in rebuilding your muscles.

Try these very good 5 workouts after c-section.

Please consult your physician before engaging yourself into any of these activities after C-Section.

5 thoughts on “The Best Exercises To Flatten The Stomach After A C-Section”

  1. Do not “work your abs” – you can cause irreparable damage to your muscles and widen the separation between your muscles. No planks, no seated or reclined abdominal exercises. These severely strain your muscles and over time cause gaps to widen. Please learn from my mistakes. I was told Pilates was great for strengthening my muscles after two C-sections. It actually can be damaging. Please seek advice from your gynecologist or doctor. Listen to your body and don’t continue to do exercises that strain your muscles – the pain you feel is actually damaging your body. Learn what works for you and don’t repeat exercises that cause you to feel pain/strain. Protect your body – it’s the only one you have for the rest of your life.

  2. My doctor showed me how to work my abs while simultaneously making them fuse back together. It’s called a cross-hold sit up. Really helpful.

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