How and Why you Should Practice Self-Care

This is one of thoHow and Why you Should Practice Self-Care 1se things that a lot of us do not pay attention to throughout our lives especially when we constantly put others before us. People who do this more than the rest of us are mothers—good mothers. I have heard amazing stories about single dads taking care of their kids all alone; sisters stepping in when their siblings can no longer take care of their kids so I include them in the word “mothers” meaning nurturers.

Here’s how to take care of yourself for a change:

1. Be selfish

This is probably the one character trait that you were taught not to have and if you did, you were constantly reminded about it, to the point of annoyance, till the trait died right out of your soul. But in life, you will learn, now or later, that when you put yourself first—that when you take care of your well-being first—you will be in a better position to be selfless.

2. Learn to love yourself

Loving yourself has nothing to do with material things like nice clothes, expensive jewelry, flashy cars or a massive mansion; it has to do with being okay with your life no matter how “bad” it is and love what you see in the mirror no matter what that might be.

3. Be accepting of your flaws

Perfection is an illusion so stop stressing out about becoming perfect but rather, strive to be a more mature person: be evolved.

Once you are able to do all of these things, everything else will fall into place.

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