Get Fit Inside: 5 Top Indoor Workouts for Maximum Fitness

5 Best Indoor Workouts to Boost Your Fitness

Have you ever been in a situation where you just feel too lazy to go out for exercise or hit the gym? Well, the good new is that these exercises are ideal for you to do indoors. They might even be as efficient as running outside or going to the gym, so you don’t need to give an excuse when you’re supposed to go do some exercise and it starts raining. You can easily do these 5 simple workouts within the four corners of your home, conveniently:

The Plank

This is a rather very simple exercise that doesn’t really require much space for you to do it efficiently. It also employs a very simple procedure. All you need is to do is to get into the push-up position, but instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, hold that position with the arm extended.

This exercise will really help you build up your core muscles. You can start off holding this position for 30 seconds for each session and increase it by 10 seconds as days go by.

Jump Rope

Jumping ropes, contrary to popular belief isn’t just for little girls. Just 2 to 3 minutes of using this rope can leave you feeling breathless for a while.

So get yourself a jump rope, find some space and start skipping. You can do a session for 3 minutes, 10 times with 1 to 2 minutes interval to rest and catch your breath.

High knees

This is also another great workout that could be substituted for jogging in your workout schedule. If you’ve tried replacing jogging outside with running in place, you’ll find out that it won’t be as effective as the former but the high knees exercise is a better substitute.

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All you need to do is march in place but try to bring your knees up as high as they can go. You can also do the same thing while working down a hall.


Dancing is one exciting way to workout. It not only helps you work out your physical body but also improves your mood. It’s a way of removing the “boredom” out of the “workout”.

Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories and work out the whole body since you obviously need to move almost all parts of the body while dancing.

Stair stepping

This is a simple exercise that you could even do in your parlor if you don’t have stairs in your house. All you need is a chair or stool that is just a little bit elevated from the floor, like a stair. Put it down and make sure it’s firm. Now you can start stepping up and down. It might not make you sweat as much as a jump rope would but it sure will keep your body active and boost your metabolism.

To live a healthy life and live longer, you need exercise. So follow these indoor exercise procedures every day if you don’t have the time to visit a gym or go jogging outside.

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