Build Amazing Body Fast Without Doing Any Weights

Build an Amazing Body Fast without doing any weights

More and more people around the world are starting to workout in the open without going to the gym. Some places you have no choice but in the developing counties, you will see personal trainers taking people to the parks to do the session.  There are many reasons for it, maybe the gym doesn’t allow them to train others in the gym since the gym may have their own trainers.  Here we share some of the options to build an amazing body fast without using weights.

It’s common practice that when you head to the gym to gain muscle mass” you most likely will head to the free weights or weight machines ” and in most cases it’s a great place to start. But when you’re trying to gain overall strength and agility” and when your trying to get more toned and ripped there are a few workouts that can be extremely effective but often overlooked.

The simple push-up  chin up, pull ups and  dip exercises are often mistaken for workouts that beginners do and even sometimes looked at as juvenile. But the truth is no matter if you are just starting to go to the gym and you’re sporting a spare tire a muffin top and two strands of spaghetti for arms or you are in great shape ” these workouts can be very lucrative to anyone’s workout regimen.

One reason that these often overlooked workouts can be so vital to your workout is they don’t just target one muscle group. Push ups when done correctly you will be targeting your chest shoulders and triceps and when done in the proper stance with your back straight gluts tightened and your abdominal stretched you will also be targeting your abs.

This idealism is the same when doing chin-ups pull-ups ” and dips . You will find that each workout uses more than just one muscle group” even some you won’t target with a regular weight lifting program. Also these workouts are designed to be done in quick reputations and with many more reps than what you would when lifting weights. The quick reputation is what should help you promote the tone and ripped look you would be looking for no matter what size you are.

One advantage that I found to be very lucrative when doing these workouts is the different positions you can take while performing these exercises. For instance a close grip chin-up will essentially target different parts of the muscles than a wide grip chin-up will. Although for the most part you will be targeting the same muscles each time you do them differently you will put more emphasis on different parts of the same muscle. Alternating body and hand positions will help target more of the same muscle helping develop a more full defined look to your muscle.

For instance when I do push-ups I start my push-ups with my feet on the ground I do four sets each set performed to exhaustion and then I grab two dumbbells and grip my hands around them for an elevated grip and also elevate my legs to a point where my legs back and spin are completely perpendicular with the floor. This pretty much will workout the same muscles as my last stance but my shoulders will end up taking a little more of the weight and my chest and triceps that took on most of the weight in the last stance will catch a little break.

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When doing dips you can use the same strategy. Depending on where I place my hands and how far in front of me I place my feet will determine how much of my triceps will be doing the work and how much of my shoulders will be involved. The more your arms are lined up with your torso the more you will be working out your triceps the more your arms are behind you the more you shoulders will be involved.

When it comes to pull-ups and chin-ups you will find these are much harder exercises to perform — and they should be. They are the best upper-body workouts you can do that requires using your own body weight. Chin-ups are an exercise where you use a chin-up bar with your palms facing you drop all of your body weight to the bottom and then pull up. A pull-up is the same thing but with your hands facing outward. The chin-up works out more of your biceps and your pull-ups workout more of your back.

These chin-up and pull-up workouts are great for your upper body but they also help with strength and grip capabilities as well. Also if your having problems with free weight workouts for balance or grip reasons this can really help train your body to help get optimal performance with-in those workouts.

One of the best advantages that I found and now love about doing push-ups pull-ups chin-ups dips and lets not forget ab workouts you can do them almost anywhere. Even if you skip out on the gym it doesn’t mean you can’t put in an honest workout right at home possibly at work on lunch break in the hotel on vacation or even in front of your T.V.

Now chin-ups and pull-ups may take a little bit of innovation. You obviously can’t use your shower rod but if you can find a good supported bar in a place somewhere that’s convenient this is just one more workout you can add to your day without hitting the gym.

If you really want one more advantage to doing these workouts you can also find some cardio with-in them. Since there designed to be done in fast reputation you can set yourself up with a set of chin-ups or pull-up a set push-up and a set of dips with very little rest time in-between each exercises now just keep repeating the routine until exhaustion. Obviously you can mix up the routine anyway you want it’s more about keeping your heart rate up and your muscles working.

These time-tested workouts can help you build amazing body without lifting weights. For the most part weight lifting sets are done in intervals that don’t really boost your heart rate for any considerable amount of time. Adding chin-ups pull-ups push-ups and dips to your workout could be just what your body needs to get an extra boost to fill out what your current regimen may be missing.

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