Why You Should Do Burpees

Why You Should Do Burpees Pin

Burpees are an exercise that combines squats, push-ups and jumps to rev up your heart rate (cardio) and build muscles. This exercise forces you to use virtually every muscle in your body which makes them very efficient for fulfilling your fitness goals.

They place a significant load on your cardiovascular system so you get a cardio workout without having to run a single step, and are also an effective calorie burner, though that depends on other factors such as the number of reps you do and your current body weight. Here’s a breakdown of the all the benefits burpees can have for you:

1. Full body workout

Unlike other exercises that focus on one area of the body, burpees are a full body exercise. Every muscle is working during this exercise, causing you to burn more calories in a shorter period of time comparing to isolated exercises. When done quickly with a certain level of intensity, you will burn more calories than you normally do. According to Fitness expert writer David Whitley, “burpees work wonders for building muscular bulk and strength, not just for the legs but the entire body.”

2. Endurance

If you are thinking of getting fit in a hurry, then burpees are the right way to go. Whether your goal is to train for a race, try a new sport, get in shape for spring hiking season or just to look good, burpees will get you there, fast. This is one of the best exercises to boost your condition and endurance capability for other sports and activities.

Research published in the August 2004 issue of the “Journal of Strength and conditioning Research” explains that high repetition and high load exercises are effective at increasing muscular endurance.

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3. Weight loss

The intensity of burpees and the number of muscles needed to perform this exercise results in a large caloric expenditure. You lose weight by burning more calories than you consume, and burpees may help you lose weight in this way.

4. Anaerobic fitness

In addition to training your upper- and lower-body muscles, burpees can improve the health of your heart and lungs. Burpees are a type of anaerobic training — high-intensity activity that is short in duration and requires your body to produce energy without the assistance of oxygen. By performing burpees often, you may improve your body’s anaerobic exercise capacity.

How to do a burpee?

This is a combination of a push ups, squats, and high jumps:

Step 1. Stand straight, then lower into a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you.

Step 2. Kick your feet back into a push-up position and immediately drop your chest to the floor.

Step 3. Bring your chest up as you return your feet back to the squat position as fast as possible.

Step 4. Jump up into the air as high as you can, and land back into standing position and repeat.

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