How to Delay Aging by Eating Foods

Smooth skin is what everyone craves and rave about in any table that is open to open discussions. The discussion of the best cream that will take care of the skin or the best medication to use. As much as smooth sin is being treated outwards for result. Treatment has to happen on the inside for proper results to exhibits outside. The type of food you consume, the amount of food you consume, the things you drink, how you treat your body in hygienic ways matters. Everybody wants to feel and look young, but this comes with eating right and living right. One would ask themselves how many times they consume fruits in a day or if they even eat fruits in a day. One secret to getting good looking skin and healthy delaying aging is by eating rights. Here are these few foods to help.

1. Oats

Oats are one healthy meal to take on in full force. These complex carbohydrates are low glycemic that is they don’t spike up your blood sugars like other refined foods like bread or pasta. They help to prevent damage to skin cells and aid soothe irritation. Foods to try in this category are whole grains like brown rice, barley etc.

2. Oranges

These highly nutritious fruits are good for the skin. They are filled with water that is much needed for hydration that, gives your body the glow it deserves. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C that aids collagen and keeps the skin supple. Most times, when one has fever that will cause a lump or sore in the mouth area, one is advised to consume enough vitamin C as, it helps shrink the lumps and heals you as well. It is good for treating cold problems like fever, flu and the rest.

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 3. Avocados

This is a monounsaturated fat that is a healthy substitute for butter and that fares well with the skin. They help you take in the necessary vitamins and nutrients that your body deserves. They help you stay satisfies and hydrated as well. Try replacing all those fatty additions as dressing with nature’s own butter.

4. Salmon

Highly filled with omega 3, consuming this daily may prevent cancer cell from growing and spreading. There are many ways to enjoy this fish. Be it in a soup, in a sauce as an accompaniment on side with brown rice, a sandwich, fried or grilled using olive oil and many other meals. All you need to do is research and be creative with this food type.

5. Grapes

Grapes contain resveratrol which aids in combating and prevent inflammation. It also helps to combat UV light and sun damage even, though you still need to use your sunscreen. You can either make this into a smoothie with other fruits or vegetables or as a juice that could be taken in daily. In getting healthy skin, one needs to eat and drink clean. Exercise, wear clean clothes and basically treat the body well in all.

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