Why High Intensity Interval Training Is Good For You?

High intensity interval training, usually called HIIT, is a type of exercise where you alternate between doing intense anaerobic workouts for a while, then either resting or performing less intense exercise.

You can turn any type of cardio exercise into HIIT. Normally HIIT training should take about 20-45 minutes. Beginners can start with a 1: 2 ratio, which means if you work for a certain period of time, you should rest for twice as long. As you progress, you can move to a 1:1 ratio. Here are some health benefits of HIIT.

1. Burn fats quickly

Most forms of exercise cause you to burn fats, but the rate of fat loss is determined by the intensity of the exercise. High intensity exercises lead to a greater loss of fat and calories.

The boost in metabolism that occurs with HIIT will cause you to lose weight even when you are not exercising. Also, loss of muscle mass is a complication that comes with performing some exercises. However, since HIIT involves a little bit of weight training, muscle loss will not occur.

2. Does not require equipment

HIIT is very cost effective because all you need is a little space to do your workout. This form of exercise only requires an increase in heart rate, therefore it does not require any equipment. It can be performed almost anywhere and does not take up your time.

3. Has anti-aging effects

HIIT, like all other exercises, activates the enzyme known as telomerase which work in our genes to prevent early aging and cancer.

4. Promotes cardiovascular health

HIIT promotes blood flow by increasing the elasticity of your blood vessels. It also increases levels of good cholesterol in your body, decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

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One important thing to note is that overdoing HIIT is not good for you. You do not need to do it every day of the week. Rather, you can do it thrice a week.

And do moderate intensity training for another 2 days. This type of exercise is very intense and may not be suitable for everyone, so be sure to consult your doctor before you get started.

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