How to Eat Right for Your Body Type

Human bodies come in various shapes and sizes. The difference in body types is determined by the way our bodies store fat and the location of these fats. We don’t often realize how much of an impact the differences in our body types should have on our diet.

For the maintenance of a healthy body weight, you have to know your body type and eat foods that work with this body type. Here are the different body types and diets that work well with them.

1. Hourglass body type

This is the body shape that most women want. Women with hour glass figures gain weight all over their body in an even manner. They also tend to lack muscle tone. Women with this body type usually have an increased risk of having high blood sugar levels.

This is why they should avoid foods that have a high glycemic index and focus on fruits and vegetables. They can also eat foods that are rich in fiber. They should avoid eating large meals. Rather, they should stick to eating small meals 4 to 6 times daily.

2. Rectangle body type

This shape is characterized by narrow hips, less defined waist and no curves. People with a rectangle body shape often find it difficult to gain weight but this doesn’t mean they can afford to eat unhealthy foods. They should eat more of foods that are rich in plant based proteins and unsaturated fats.

3. Pear body type

Pear shaped women tend to have much larger hips when compared to their breast region. All the weight they gain usually settles around their hips and thighs. Women with this body shape commonly have slow metabolisms. This is why they should fill up on metabolism boosting foods like almonds and oatmeal.

Also, losing weight around the lower region is always difficult. Therefore, women with a pear body shape should eat more proteins and complex carbs which require a lot of energy for storage.

4. Apple body type

Women with an apple body shape usually have a lot of fat around their abdominal region, with slimmer legs. Fat around the belly is very bad because it is associated with increased risk of developing weight related diseases like cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

They should try to eat more fruits and vegetables. They should also fill up on Vitamin C because it helps to regulate cortisol levels. Cortisol, a hormone produced during stress, usually causes fat to be stored in the midsection.

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