5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is the most abundant and health friendly liquid available to man. Studies have even shown that 70% of the human body is made up of water, therefore, the body essentially cannot do anything without water. Apart from quenching our thirst, there are other important functions of water in the body, which you can read in this article

1. Maintaining body fluids

Body fluids are essential in the body as they aid in the digestion of food, absorption of food nutrients, circulation of nutrients round the body, and maintaining body temperature. Most of these fluids are lost through sweat and constantly need to be refilled. So without water, these fluids cannot be produced in the body and the functions cannot be carried out.

2. Reduction of calorie intake

In present times, people drink a lot of water for weight loss and do not even know how water helps to reduce weight. Intake of foods with high calories is one of the causes of overweight. Drinking a lot of water while trying to lose weight, substitutes the beverages with high calories, reducing your calorie intake.

3. Strengthening of the muscles

The muscles of the body need water to function. Lack of water in the muscles causes the muscles to become dehydrated leading to muscle fatigue. It is advised especially, when working out, to drink enough water in order to keep the muscles in good condition.

4. To maintain fine skin tone

The amount of water in the body greatly affects the texture of the skin. When dehydrated, the skin tends to be very dry. The skin contains water molecule and these water molecules in the skin helps to maintain skin moisture and also helps to prevent dry skin.

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5. Reducing the risk of chronic diseases

The body contains a lot of waste and toxic materials. These toxic materials are passed out from the body mainly through sweat and urine. Prolonged stay of these toxic materials in the body can lead to chronic diseases. Water is very important in the excretion of these wastes because it serves as a medium through which these wastes are excreted, either as sweat or as urine.

The kidney of the body also requires a lot of water to carry out its functions. Lack of water in the body can also cause some serious complications in the kidney, like kidney stones.

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