How to Exercise the Teardrop Thigh Muscle

The vastus medialis oblique otherwise called the VMO or tear thigh muscle is an extensor muscle situated within the thigh simply above the knee. There are a few activities that could reinforce the VMO.

Squats are particularly useful. An assortment of seated exercises like leg presses and thigh compression are likewise useful. Moving your legs doing step-ups and thrusts can likewise reinforce the VMO.

1. Do a twofold leg squat

The twofold leg squat is the fundamental squat frame. To begin, stand with your legs bear-width apart. Fold your arms over your chest. Drop yourself down gradually as though you’re sitting in a seat. Keep your chest and head up and your eyes forward.

  • Stop hunching down when you feel just as you can’t bring down yourself any further and gradually stand back up
  • Your knees ought not to go beyond the end of your toes
  • At the base of your squat, hold the position for around five seconds. Rehash 12-15 times

2. Squat on unstable surfaces

Overlap your arms over your chest in an ‘X’ form. Stand on a froth cushion or elastic air disc, both of which are accessible at sporting merchandise stores and put your feet somewhat wider than shoulder-width apart.

Fix your gaze on a point before you and curve somewhat at the knees. Bring down your butt as though you are going to sit while keeping your chest and head up.

  • When you accomplish a 60-degree angle at the knees, hold the position for a moment or two, at that point gradually stand back up
  • Keep your back straight all through
  • Repeat 12 to 15 times
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3. Squat on a wedge

Squat as you usually would in a twofold leg squat, however stand on an oblique plane with your toes facing downwards (at the lower edge of the wedge). A plane calculated at 25 or 30 degrees ought to be enough to accomplish expanded VMO activation.

4. Squat gradually

When carrying out a squat, either a twofold leg squat, a squat on unsteady surfaces, or another sort do as such at around 70-50% of the speed you usually would. For example, if you regularly take two seconds to squat, take a stab at hunching down over a time of three or four seconds.

  • A moderate squat will increment muscular strength and enable you to accomplish consistent muscular pressure
  • Do not diminish your squat speed by the more than half

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